Very easily Mend Your Lenovo K5 Play L38011 IMEI Without having Rooting

Easily Restore Your Lenovo K5 Play L38011 IMEI Without the need of Rooting

Are you combating IMEI concerns on the Lenovo K5 Perform L38011? We’ve obtained a solution that doesn’t demand rooting your device. Comply with these clear-cut measures:

Whole EFS Reset: Start with a full EFS reset employing UMT QCFire to filter out aged settings.
Diagnostic Mode: Accessibility Diagnostic Method by dialing ##33284##.
Edit QCN File: Use QCN Edit Software to enter the correct IMEI amount.
Publish IMEI: Generate The brand new IMEI utilizing QFIL.
For a detailed walkthrough, check out the entire tutorial on Lenovo K5 Play IMEI repair. This complete tutorial can assist you restore your machine’s operation quickly and properly.

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